Masks for All in Pakistan (

Raising Pakistan's mask prevalence from zero to widespread.

MaskBanao is a project built by a small group of students aiming to bring Pakistan's mask-wearing prevalence from zero to widespread. When none of Pakistan's 220 million people were wearing a mask, MaskBanao partnered with Pakistan's provincial governors and famous celebrities to promote universal mask wearing.

Ayesha Omar is one of Pakistan's most famous actresses. In the video below, she partnered with MaskBanao to teach her 4.5 million instragram followers how to make a mask at home.

What started out as a Pakistani friend and I discussing COVID in a dorm room, grew to be a mask making and wearing campaign that included dozens of designers, artists, government officials, and web developers from Pakistan to the Philippines to Croatia. Our campaign advised the governor of a Pakistani province containing 50 million people, created celebrity-backed mask videos that reached a hundred thousand, and delivered over 120,000 cloth masks to citizens of Pakistan.

MaskBanao was featured in Pakistan's largest newspapers, including Dawn and BBC.

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MaskBanao is no longer active at the time of writing. However, if you would like to learn more about our story or related ongoing global initiatives, please email me timothyzchu [at] gmail [dot] com and ask for a friendly chat!

Hadiqa Kiani is Pakistan's most famous female singer. She worked with MaskBanao to produce the first celebrity mask advocacy video in all of Pakistan early in the pandemic.

Zoe Viccaji is a famous Pakistani singer/songwriter. She partnered with MaskBanao in the graphic above to promote mask-wearing on Instagram.